College chapel
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All College members and their guests are welcome to attend Chapel services. The Chapel was built by Stephen Penton in the late 17th century. It is famous for the painting ‘Supper at Emmaus’ by Ceri Richards that hangs over the altar and is also well known for the stained-glass window on the east side that was constructed and designed by William Morris and Edward-Burne Jones. The organ was built by Wood of Huddersfield in the 1980s.

Chapel Services

Chapel Services take place at 5.30pm every Sunday during term time and on other special occasions. You can find details of the term's services here. The weekly Sunday services vary between Choral Evensong and Sung Eucharist, and all are welcome to attend. The services are Anglican in character but people from all faiths, and none, are welcome.

After the service drinks are served in the Jarvis-Doctorow Hall, and all are welcome.

The Chaplain

The College Chaplain is the Revd Will Donaldson, and he is pastorally available to members of the Hall at any time. His study is in Staircase VI and can be contacted on 01865 279021 or by email on In addition to being responsible for the Chapel services, he is one of two Senior Welfare Officers in the Hall and also contributes to a broad range of other activities in the College.

Exploring Faith

University is a great time to explore the big questions of meaning and purpose in life, and please email the Chaplain if you would like to investigate ways of doing this.

Serving in the Community

Would you like to give a little time each month to a community project that makes a difference to people’s lives in Oxford – visiting a children’s hospice, giving individual reading support in a local primary school, helping at a night shelter for the homeless? Please contact the Chaplain, as the Hall has some particular projects in mind.

The Crypt

The Crypt beneath the Chancel of St Peter-in-the-East dates from the early 12th century. It is currently out-of-bounds to the public and to groups, but individual College members may visit  with permission from the Chaplain or at the discretion of the duty Porter.

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