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Jonathan Buckmaster

Jonathan Buckmaster (1994) was awarded an MA in Literature (with Distinction) at the Open University in 2007, with a particular focus on Literature and Empire, and the novels of Salman Rushdie. He has recently completed a PhD on Charles Dickens and the pantomime clown at Royal Holloway, London, and has spoken at a number of conferences on this topic. 

Jonathan's thesis focuses on the figure of the pantomime clown in the work of Charles Dickens. He interprets Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi (1838) as a meditation on the theme of life as a theatrical performance, which Dickens had previously explored in ‘The Pantomime of Life’ (March 1837). He also explores how these ideas developed in Dickens’s subsequent fiction, examining a number of his comic figures in relation to a series of fixed, observable tropes from Grimaldi’s repertoire. He argues that these tropes - excessive eating and drinking, the use and misuse of clothing and slapstick violence - form part of what Deborah Vlocke calls the ‘imaginary text’ of Victorian readers and theatre-goers, which carries its meaning beyond the playhouse to the novels people read.

Jonathan has been teaching the Victorian Literature and Introducing Poetry modules (for second and first years respectively) at Royal Holloway in 2013. To date, he has had two articles published in scholarly journals - Victorian Network (3.2, 2011) and 19 (No 14, 2012).His other research interests include interpretations of Dickens' work in TV, films and radio, as well as the affinities between Dickens’ work and that of Salman Rushdie.

web: http://royalholloway.academia.edu/JonathanBuckmaster