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Martin Garrett

Martin Garrett (1975) is an acknowledged scholar and writer.

His postgraduate research investigated Renaissance drama and he has edited Critical Heritage volumes on Massinger and Sidney.

He is the author of volumes on Byron, Mary Shelley and the Brownings in the British Library Writers' Lives series, and has taught a wide range of undergraduate courses for the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London. His Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Byron was joint winner of the Elma Dangerfield Award in 2011.

His recent work includes a cultural history of the Loire, The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Shelley (2013) and Oxford, Innercities Cultural Guides (Signal Books, Oxford, 2014).  He is currently working on a Chronology of Romanticism for Palgrave.

Other work includes written literary and cultural guides to Greece, Italy, Venice, Provence and Cambridge.

"The greatest benefits of an Oxford English degree were learning how to write (thanks to having to do about ninety essays over the three years) and being required to explore literature of all periods from Old English to modern."