Wisteria in the Front Quad
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It's sometimes argued that poets are born, not made. But becoming a poet involves imitation, a long and painstaking apprenticeship, trial and error, and patient attentiveness to detail. In these respects it is much like other crafts.

Surrounded by books and inspired by the company of other writers, studying at Oxford can help you to find your voice as a poet. The syllabus provides a wonderful opportunity for immersion in poetry from Beowulf to the present day – reading across a wide range of genres and forms, learning how poetry works and how it has been shaped through the centuries.

As well as the vast selection of societies and resources across the University, the Hall's Creative Writing Workshops and Meet the Poet Seminar Series provide Teddy Hall students with a supportive environment for extra-curricular writing.  We also have an annual Graham Midgley Prize, specially designated for poetry.

Poets who have studied at Teddy Hall include the following: