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Samira Ahmed

I read English from 1986 to 89 and enjoyed working in student journalism during my time at Teddy Hall. I edited "ISIS" and "Debate" (the Union Society magazine) and was lucky enough to win the Phillip Geddes Journalism Prize. I went on to do a postgraduate diploma in Newspaper Journalism at City University, before joining the BBC as a graduate News Trainee in 1990.

In my seven years at the BBC I worked as a news correspondent for network radio and television, as a reporter on Newsnight and Radio 4's Today programme, and as Los Angeles Correspondent from 1996 to 97, covering the OJ Simpson case. I also worked as a news anchor on BBC World and BBC News 24. I left the Corporation to freelance for Deutsche Welle TV in Berlin, before joining Channel 4 News in 2000 as a presenter and reporter.

In 2011 I returned to freelance and I am now a visiting Professor of Journalism at Kingston University. I am also starting to lecture at Oxford Brookes, as well as presenting on BBC Radio 4's PM and The World Tonight programmes, plus work with the BBC World Service and writing for the UK national press.