Front Quad
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Terry Jones

I was at the Hall in 1961-1964. Of course it's a different place today. In my day the buildings were tiny: there was only the front quad and then you walked through the small doorway into a mess of outside lavatories, bicycle sheds and a staircase up to the Besse Block which were the rooms above the shops along the High. We ate in the old Hall itself and there had to be three sittings to fit everyone in. The Hall was, in fact, like a tight shoe, making us all feel slightly as if we were somehow not quite totally a part of the university.

But one thing those cramped quarters did give us was a feeling of solidarity; as members of the Hall we felt we supported each other.

And now, although the buildings have expanded to accommodate everyone as they should, and the facilities are now all they ought to be, that spirit still seems to be there. There is something special about being a Member of the Hall. It's like being a member of an enterprising and outward-looking family.