Working in the Library
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Visitors to the Library

The Library is open only to members of St Edmund Hall. Other members of the University may be admitted to read in the Library by appointment during staffing hours, if the book required is not held by any other University library in Oxford. If you wish to consult an item in our collection please contact the Librarian by email in advance before visiting the College Library.

Old members

Aularians (alumni of St Edmund Hall) who would like to visit the Library briefly or show the Library to friends and family as part of a visit to College should contact the Librarian, preferably in advance of their visit. If you find yourself at the Lodge, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note the Library is very busy in term time, and we hope you will understand why we would rather not disturb students during this time.

Viewing St Peter-in-the-East

Visitors who wish to view St Peter-in-the-East for study or research purposes or those who have a connection with the church should contact the Librarian in advance. Please note we can only offer access to the Library during the vacation periods.