An Economics tutorial
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Economics and Management

The Economics and Management degree programme combines two subjects which naturally go hand in hand. It widens students' understanding of how the economy works in a business-driven world and how government interventions affect outcomes, for better or worse.

St Edmund Hall has an enthusiastic team of E & M tutors who have a strong commitment to teaching and are keen to help our students to reach their full potential. St Edmund Hall E & M students have a track record of strong performance in Finals.

The location of St Edmund Hall is also ideal for E & M students. The College is just metres from the Examination Schools, the venue for first year Economics lectures and all University exams, including final exams. The Department of Economics on Manor Road where most lectures for finals take place, together with University’s world class Social Sciences Library is also just 10 minutes away by foot. E & M students also go to lectures at the Said Business School (SBS) on Park End Street, and many E & M students find the SBS library an accessible and peaceful alternative place to engage in private study, also a reasonably short walk away. 

The College Library is well-stocked with E & M texts. Multiple copies are often available, including a confined copy of main text books, so students working on same material at the same time all have access to the main readings. Additionally, many of the prescribed E & M texts are now available electronically for no charge from within the University Network which is accessible from anywhere in the College by Wi-Fi. The E & M students at St Edmund Hall are a lively and motivated group who use their own initiative to organise activities related to business and economics. There is also an annual E & M dinner, which is organised jointly by tutors and students.

The Tutors

Dr Outi Aarnio - Fellow in Economics. Outi teaches all aspects of first year course in Economics, second year core Macroeconomics and Economics of Industry, which is a specialist option for finals. In 2008 Outi was awarded a University of Oxford Teaching Excellence Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the teaching and learning at Oxford.  

Dr Climent Quintana-Domeque - Fellow in Economics. Climent enjoys teaching the core paper in Quantitative Economics (QE, studied in the second year) as this is closely related to his own research. Climent is also in charge of organising and delivering lectures in QE at the Department of Economics so is always fully aware of the course requirements.

Dr Sareh Vosooghi - Career Development Fellow in Economics. Sareh teaches first year E & M students microeconomics component for the preliminary examination, and core Microeconomics in the second year of the course. She also teaches Game Theory to second and third-year economics students. Her research interests are in the field of environmental economics and the economics of natural resources. 


Ms Suellen Littleton Lecturer in Management. Suellen is the organising tutor for Management side of the E & M course in college, and personally takes care of preparing our students for the General Management paper taken in the end of the first year.

Dr Deborah Noe – Lecturer in Finance. Deborah helps our E & M students to prepare for the Finance examinations by offering revision classes before exams (in addition to what the SBS offers).


The careers most commonly chosen by our E & M graduates are in management consultancy, banking and finance, accountancy, business management, or advertising, but many also decide successfully to go for a graduate course to prepare themselves for a career as a professional economist after completing the E & M course.  This has enabled our graduates for further career options, for instance, in Central Banking or government departments as economic experts.

We find that employers are already keen to recruit our E & M students while they are still on course. They often offer summer internships and many of our students secure permanent employment with these organisations before they have even graduated.  As a result, our students are able to concentrate on their final year studies, rather than spending time applying for jobs and attending job interviews. This in turn undoubtedly contributes to their success in Finals.

Course Requirements

St Edmund Hall has no specific entry requirements beyond those outlined in the University prospectus. Please note, specifically, that Maths A-level (or equivalent) is a specific admissions requirement for the E & M course, and any conditional offer will be at level of A*AA (or equivalent). All candidates for E & M are expected to sit the TSA Thinking Skills Assessment admissions test. More information on this is available from the Admissions Testing Service

Candidates should consult the University website for full details of entry requirements.