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How do I apply?

The Visiting Student programme for the 2014-2015 academic year is now closed. Applicants interested in the 2015-2016 programme will be able to download the new application form from late November 2014 onwards. 

To submit an application you will need to supply the following documents:

  • Application Form - the new application form will be available to download here from late November.
  • Two confidential references (may be sent separately by your referees)
  • A current transcript
  • A sample of recent academic work in each subject for which you are applying

We prefer to receive documents in one PDF bundle in the order outlined above but please do not worry if you are not able to send them in this format. We will be able to accept documents emailed as separate attachments.

If you are unable to submit by email, please post your application to the Admissions Administrator, Admissions Office, St Edmund Hall, OX1 4AR. Please do not staple any of your documentation. 

When filling in the application form you should expect that the courses you list will be the courses you end up studying, rather than just an initial indication of preference. You should give your application careful thought and discuss it with your Study Abroad Adviser.

Any questions?

What if I am a Graduate Student?

The College does occasionally admit Visiting Students at Graduate level. This would usually be for students who are planning to work with a Fellow of St Edmund Hall, and applicants wishing to be considered in this way should ask the Fellow in question to consult the Admissions Office.