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How your application will be considered

The University of Oxford receives around 17,000 applications each year for about 3,200 places. Around 70% of those applications come from UK students.

At St Edmund Hall we consider about 600 applications each December and make around 120 offers for places on our undergraduate courses. We receive roughly equal numbers of applications from the non-maintained and state education sectors, and interview success rates are comparable.

We offer 18 different subjects, spread evenly between Arts and Humanities and Science, as well as a number of ‘Joint Schools’, including English and Modern Languages, plus History and Politics. Application rates for different subjects vary considerably, with subjects such as Economics and Management, Law and Medicine being very popular.

The shortlisting of applicants is often a centralised process in the Unversity Departments or Faculties. It draws on a wide range of information available to the selectors, including school performance (especially at GCSE level), personal statements and school references. All courses undertake shortlisting exercises to identify those who are most likely to be competitive for a place and thrive on their chosen course. Pre-admissions tests, taken by around three-quarters of all applicants before interview, are also considered.

Shortlisting allows us to devote adequate time to the assessment of those applicants that past experience tells us are most likely to gain a place. Typically,around three applicants are considered for each available place. For subject areas where competition is particularly intense, there will be many worthy applicants that we unfortunately cannot invite to interview as they are unlikely to make a competitive case for admission.

Shortlisted applicants are invited to Oxford in December and are likely to have at least two interviews at St Edmund Hall. In most cases, they will also have one or more interviews at a second college.

It is common for selectors across Oxford to devote at least 90 minutes to the assessment of individual applicants during their time. Along with performance at interview, they’ll be assessing an individual’s potential for their chosen course using information available from the UCAS application and pre-admissions test results.

We provide accommodation and meals to shortlisted applicants free of charge, and current undergraduates are on hand to welcome and guide them around Oxford.

Although the college has the final say in the selection of applicants who will receive offers, cross-college comparisons of applicants and their college interviews, along with extensive pooling exercises, are carried out to ensure that every effort is made to admit the best candidates to study at Oxford, regardless of the college to which they applied (or were allocated if an open application was made).

We are always happy to provide guidance about the University of Oxford application process and encourage early contact with our Admissions Officer, Scarlett Nash ( or with the Tutor for Admissions, Professor Robert Wilkins (