A law tutorial with Dr Aileen Kavanagh
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The Faculty of Law in the University of Oxford is one of the largest in the United Kingdom and is home to a highly international legal community. Visiting Students at St Edmund Hall can select from the courses listed below and may choose Law as both their primary and secondary course in a given term, or may wish to combine a primary course or a secondary course in Law with another subject.

Availability of courses may vary according to term of study. The exact content of your courses will be decided in consultation with your tutor at St Edmund Hall and may depend on what teaching resources are available at the time.

Contract LawThis course comprises the general principles of the law governing enforceable agreements. It is not concerned with special rules governing specific types of contracts, such as sale, carriage or employment.
Land LawThe focus of attention within the course is on interests in land: interests which do not merely operate between the parties to a particular transaction involving the land, but can also affect third parties. The course concerns itself with questions such as: What interests count as interests in land? How are they created? Exactly when will they affect third parties?
Constitutional LawThis course covers the law of the constitution, including the structure and basic principles of the British constitution, and the impact of European Community law on the constitution. It also provides an introduction to the protection of human rights in English law.
JurisprudenceJurisprudence, in the sense relevant to this course, is the philosophy of law. In studying it you will learn to reflect in a disciplined and critical way on the nature, role, and importance, of legal systems, legal reasoning, and legal institutions, often drawing on examples from other parts of your law studies.