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Physics at Oxford

Physics is the subject that provides us with the means to investigate the fundamental nature and behaviour of matter and of the Universe in which we live. Our knowledge is far from complete and progress can be made only by experiment and theory working together within the context of a disciplined understanding of basic Physics. The Physics course at Oxford aims to provide this understanding and to take students close to the existing limits of knowledge of many aspects of the physical world.

Physics at St Edmund Hall

St Edmund Hall admits between 8 and 10 students each year to read for a three-year Honours BA degree or a four-year classified Master of Physics degree. Candidates are expected to show ability in Physics and Mathematics.

The Physics tutors at the Hall have research interests in the investigation of the structure of nuclei far from stability, theoretical astrophysics and elementary particle physics. The teaching of Physics relies on lectures and practical work, including projects, in the Department of Physics and on tutorials in College. Tutorials are arranged singly or in pairs and all undergraduates receive two per week during their first year and an average of three per fortnight in the second and third years. During the fourth year, leading to an MPhys, the teaching relies on lectures, classes and project work, assisted by tutorials. The Physics tutors are committed to the value of personal contact with undergraduates as exemplified by the tutorial system and by small classes.