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Psychology (Experimental)

Psychology undergraduates at St Edmund Hall are given close personal guidance throughout their time at the College from both the College Fellow in Psychology, Professor Maryanne Martin, and the College Lecturer, Dr Elizabeth Styles.  Both will assist students in structuring their personal programmes of study. 

Psychology is an exciting, dynamic and diverse field which students sample widely for the Preliminary Examinations ('Prelims') in the first year. This provides a broad base of knowledge with which to enter the Final Honour School. In all three years Psychology teaching is based on lectures and tutorials - much of this takes place in the University Department of Experimental Psychology where there are excellent facilities, a friendly atmosphere and much opportunity to work with students and tutors of other colleges. During the first year all students follow the same course in Psychology, but after prelims students may choose from among a wide range of course options. There is also a varied programme of practical work, and in addition each student carries out a research project which allows them to work individually with an academic who is at the cutting edge of the relevant area of psychological research.