Haseem, an Economics & Management student at St Edmund Hall
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Student profile - Haseem, Economics & Management

What do you like best about your course?

The course has far more variety than any other Economics course that I was looking at. To be honest, I wasn't quite sure what Management would be like but it provides a great balance of discursive essay writing and nitty gritty financial calculations that are very applicable in real life and useful for careers. The course is incredibly relatable to everything I see around me in the real world, from how the world economy works to how managers run a business; anywhere you look you can relate something back to the course, like how your laptop is manufactured, marketed and sold.

At Teddy Hall specifically, the tutors are incredible. The calibre of teaching at Oxford is always going to be amazing but at the Hall especially, I feel all E&M students have a strong bond with the tutors and there is great academic, as well as pastoral support offered, which is crucial.

How is your subject taught at Oxford?

The course has fewer contact hours than most others, with 6-7 hours of lectures a week and 2-3 tutorials/classes a week. This means a lot of your work is independent; I spend most of my time reading for essays and trying to solve problem sheets. It requires a broad set of verbal and mathematical skills but that also makes the course less one dimensional and you are able to broaden your skill set. I'd typically do an essay and a problem sheet each week, which take 2-3 days each.

What advice would you give potential applicants interested in studying your subject?

The key thing is to genuinely be interested in the subject. Your life will revolve around Economics & Management so make sure you enjoy it, otherwise the academic work will take that much longer and be more difficult to cope with. Try and read some books and find out more about what the course actually entails by talking to admissions tutors and current students at open days, outreach events, etc.

Why did you choose St Edmund Hall?

I applied to Teddy Hall because I was fortunate enough to have met a recent E&M graduate from the Hall and he couldn't stop raving about the place. The key attractions were the incredible food (I'd say it's the best in Oxford) and the laid-back, communal atmosphere that makes you feel at home. The Hall is also very sporty. I was never one to play competitively myself but it gives everyone the opportunity to take part, with multiple teams in many sports encouraging participation, not just high level competition, although we're pretty successful in many sports too, especially rugby.

What sort of extra-curricular activities are you involved in at Oxford?

I think the best things I've done in Oxford which have made my experience so enjoyable have been getting involved in the wider Oxford community through societies. I am on the Executive Committee of the Islamic Society, which takes up most of my extra-curricular time, where I am in charge of socials, access and welfare. It enables you to meet people from nearly every other college in the University and broaden your horizons outside of your own college. I was also a committee member of the Oxford Guild Business Society and do a lot of access work in the University too, as a Student Ambassador of the Hall as well as having worked with Target Schools Oxford, Project Access, and the University admissions team as a mentor at the UNIQ summer school. I try to play sports when I can where it doesn't clash with academic commitments, occasionally playing for the College football 2nd XI as well as playing football and squash with the Islamic Society.