Tutorial in progress
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Tutorials at St Edmund Hall

Our students thrive on the challenges of the Oxford tutorial system, which encourages critical thinking and use of initiative. As a student, you'll need to be motivated, genuinely committed to your chosen subject and able to plan your work effectively.

Your tutorial usually comes at the end of a week of independent study. You can expect to have one or two tutorials a week, either individually or as a pair. Your tutor will usually ask you to prepare some work in advance, such as an essay or the answers to a set of problems. You'll have a variety of tutors during your degree and some may be from another college, especially for optional subjects.

A tutorial isn't an interview or a formal assessment. It's an opportunity to discuss your work with an expert in the field. Your tutor will encourage you to think beyond easy answers and to exceed your expectations of yourself. Your conversations with your tutor are likely to be demanding but inspiring.

It's natural to find study at Oxford daunting at first, but tutorials provide a high level of personalised support. At St Edmund Hall you'll have an Organising Tutor who will guide you through your degree. He or she will arrange all your teaching, help with option choices and be on hand to give advice.

College teaching runs alongside lectures, classes and practicals organised by University departments and faculties. The pattern of your work will vary depending on your subject. Science students are often in their departments, at lectures or in labs. Arts students spend a significant proportion of their time working on their own or in the libraries.