Freshers' Week
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Other Ways of Giving

Share Gifts

A charitable gift of quoted shares or certain securities will receive income tax relief at 100% of their market value. In addition the donor will avoid any liability to Capital Gains Tax. Please contact the Director of Development for further information.

Matched Giving

Many companies match their employees’ gifts by as much as 2:1. The process is easy and comes at no cost to you. You only need to fill out a simple form. When making a gift to St Edmund Hall, please ask your employer about this facility or contact our office for more information.

GAYE (Give As You Earn)

UK taxpayers can give to St Edmund Hall directly from their salary, using the Charities Aid Foundation’s Give As You Earn scheme. GAYE operates via agreed deductions your employer makes from your remuneration before you pay tax, which means that you get tax relief included in your donation at your top rate of tax. For example, for a basic rate taxpayer to donate £100 to the Hall, the actual cost to the donor is £80, while for a higher rate taxpayer to make a similar donation, the actual cost to the donor is £60. Please contact your employer to find out more about GAYE. Please note that the Hall is unable to reclaim Gift Aid on a GAYE donation. When completing the form, please ensure you quote the full name of your preferred charity: St Edmund Hall, Oxford.