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Hall Archive

The St Edmund Hall Archive exists to collect, manage and utilise the recorded heritage of both the administrative and social aspects of the College.

The documents held fall into several categories:

  • Documents about the administration of the College, including statutes and minute books.
  • Documents about the College’s finances from 1692 onwards.
  • Documents about the College’s buildings.
  • Records of the clubs and societies of the Hall including many photographs.
  • Personal Papers of former Principals, Fellows, staff and students.

There is very limited information available on students until the 20th century, and almost no information on members of staff until the 1950s.

Access to the Archive

Archive access is by written application to the Archivist, and preliminary research will be carried out on your behalf, to ensure that your time is as productive and helpful as possible. We will not generally allow access to personal files of any living Aularian, although each case is judged on its individual merits.

Lists of the archives are being made available online.

Donate records to the Archive

The Archive accepts donations of records relating to the Hall, and information giving context to the Hall’s administrative and social activities. Contact the Archive Fellow, Nicholas Davidson:

Contact the Archivist

Email the Archive Fellow, Nicholas Davidson: