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The College is committed to enabling you to realise your academic potential. Your college tutors are always available to give advice, or to help with any academic concerns. In addition there are a team of College Officers who collectively have oversight of all academic matters within the College. They are listed below, and are able to offer help and advice on any issue relating to your studies.

Further details of the College's academic structure, and sources of assistance, are in the Resources For Current Students section on WebLearn (you'll need your Oxford Single-Sign-On password for access). This also includes important documents which are regularly updated - including the Grey Book (College information and regulations) and Proctors' Circulars - which you should ensure that you've read.

Academic officers – who’s who?

The Principal (Professor Keith Gull) 

The Senior Tutor (Dr Robert Wilkins) is responsible for the overall academic administration of the College.

The Tutor for Undergraduates (Professor Oliver Riordan) is concerned with matters of academic progress and the welfare of undergraduate students, and is available to discuss any concerns you may have about your academic life.

The Tutor for Graduates (Dr Richard Willden) is concerned with matters of academic progress, the welfare of graduate students and applications for graduate study at the College.

The Tutor for Visiting Students (Dr Outi Aarnio) is responsible for all matters concerning Visiting Students.

Academic matters are dealt with by the College Office (Staircase V).


Administrative staff and tutors use email, the notice board in the Lodge and pigeon holes to communicate with students. Please ensure that you check all of these on a regular basis.