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Fees and Charges 2017-18

All students studying for a degree at Oxford pay a variety of fees, which we collect through payments called battels.

Your battels include the following fees:

You'll normally receive a termly battels statement which will detail what fees you've accrued, and when you have to pay for them.

If you're a Visiting Student, you won't receive these statements as you're expected to have paid all tuition, accommodation and meal charges before arriving in Oxford.

When do I receive my Battels statements?

During Noughth Week at the start of every Full Term you'll receive a battels statement in your College email account detailing all your fees. You'll also receive a final statement at the end of Eleventh Week of Trinity Term if there are any outstanding debits or credits to be dealt with.

When is the payment deadline?

You must pay your start of term battels statement in full by the Friday of First Week unless you have made prior arrangements with the Senior & Finance Bursar or the College Accountant. Any fines or charges that you accrue during a term, up to a total of £100, are taken forward to your following term’s statement. All outstanding balances must be paid by 31 July.

How can I pay?

You can pay online, by bank transfer or by post.

What happens if I don't pay on time?

If you don't pay your battels account by the due date, you'll incur an automatic administration fee of £25 unless prior agreement has been obtained. You'll also have to pay a weekly surcharge which will be levied from the due date until the balance is cleared. The surcharge will be calculated at 0.6% of the outstanding balance.

If you've not paid your battels you may not be allowed back into residence for the next term. If you're living out and have not paid, you'll risk the withdrawal of your residential qualifications which will put your continued study in Oxford at serious risk.

If your University fees are still outstanding by the Friday of First Week, we are required to inform the University as part of the formal suspension procedure. So if you're a self-funded student, we recommend that you pay your tuition fees as early as possible.

Battels enquiries

Contact the Accounts Office (Staircase VI on the Front Quad, first floor) if you have any queries regarding your battels. Their phone number is 01865 279042.

Approximate charges per term

The table below shows the approximate charges that will be included on your battels statement in Noughth Week of each term (including room rental, meal charges and other charges such as the JCR/MCR Membership Fee). Note that these charges exclude University and College fees, vacation rent and other charges such as printing and laundry.

ChargeTermly ChargesFreshers in Michaelmas Term
Undergraduates living in the main (Queen’s Lane) site £1,846.20£2,119.20
Undergraduates living in other College accommodation £1,557-
Undergraduates living out £81-
Postgraduates in College accommodation on a termly contract£1,560.50£1,785.50
Students in College accommodation on a 44 week contract£2,521.50 (in Michaelmas); £2,226.50 (in Hilary and Trinity terms)£2,745.50
Postgraduates living out£84.50£309.50

Your fees and charges in more detail

Annual University tuition fees

For the 2017/18 academic year the University tuition fee for home (i.e. UK) and EU undergraduates is £9,250, although this may depend on your course of study, year of entry, and your country of residence. Information on current fee rates, including an interactive tuition-fee calculator, is available from the University website.

We collect your University tuition fees through your battels and pass them on to the University.

If you're a home or EU undergraduate you should apply (via the GOV.UK website) to Student Finance England (or Northern Ireland, Scotland (SAAS) or Wales) for financial aid by the May before the October when you hope to commence your studies. You'll pay a University tuition fee each year before coming into residence unless you provide us with evidence of having obtained a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England. A copy of this financial notification must be with us by 15 September 2017.

Payment of the University tuition fee from home and EU undergraduates without tuition fee loans should reach our bank account no later than 1 October 2017. Please remember to allow a minimum of four working days for payments to reach our bank account from any UK bank.

Annual College fees

If you're an undergraduate paying University tuition fees at the home/EU rate, you won't pay an annual College fee. However, some students are required to pay the following annual College fees for 2017/18 in addition to the University tuition fee.

  • Overseas undergraduates: £7,350
  • Most postgraduate students: £3,021
  • MBA students: £3,150

Further details on College fees are available from the University website.

Termly accommodation fees

Uniquely among Oxford colleges we guarantee that the rise in rent for continuing students will not exceed RPI Inflation each year, which means you can budget for your maximum rental liability from the start of your course.

If you're an undergraduate living in College accommodation, you'll currently pay a total of £4,176 for a room for three terms. This includes heating, lighting, water and cleaning, but not meals.

If you stay in your College room during the vacations, you are charged pro-rata for the extra days. Your accommodation fee covers you from the Thursday of Noughth Week to the Saturday of Eighth Week.

If you're a postgraduate or a fourth-year undergraduate living in College accommodation and you are required to be in Oxford for extended terms, you can pay an accommodation charge for either three terms of 58 days plus any extra days, or 44 continuous weeks at a reduced daily rate. With the latter option there is no refund for any days away or for early vacation of rooms. Students opting for 44 weeks will be charged £2,352 for Michaelmas Term and £2,058 for each of Hilary and Trinity Terms, but there is no refund for days away or early vacation.

Breakfast and dinner fees during term

For 2017-18, the cost of a College dinner is £5.25, and a College breakfast £2.70. The cash value of the following number of breakfasts and dinners will be automatically pre-paid onto your University Card at the start of each term.

Residents at the main College site (Queen’s Lane):

  • 58 dinners: £304.50 (maximum refund £42)
  • 41 breakfasts: £110.70 (maximum refund £21.60)
  • Note: any refunds due will be automatically credited to your battels accounts after the end of each term.

Residents at other College accommodation:

  • 24 dinners: £126 (no refunds), no breakfasts

Students living out of College accommodation:

  • 8 dinners: £42 (no refunds), no breakfasts

Please note that if you are a Visiting Student, you will have 50 dinners preloaded onto your card at the start of each term as part of your fee and accommodation package. There is no refund for any unused credit.

More details of meal charges for all students

Prepayment for first-term lunches

For the first term of your first year of study only, an initial £25 will be pre-paid onto your University Card so that you can buy any meals prior to the start of that term (and lunches during that term). This prepayment applies to all undergraduates, graduates and Visiting Students.

Vacation room charges

If you stay in College accommodation during part or all of the vacations, you'll be charged on a nightly basis. If you're a Fresher, you will be charged for all the nights you're required to be in residence (which will be at least two) before the first Thursday of Noughth Week of Michaelmas Term.

After the end of term, charges will be levied nightly until your room key has been returned.

Other payments

Other payments such as printing charges and fines for late return of books and keys will be added as and when they arise during the academic year.

Battels prepayment deposit (all students)

A prepayment charge of £200 will be included on your first term’s battels regardless of whether or not you live in College accommodation. This is held as a deposit until your final battels statement (issued after the end of your final term) when it is refunded against any charges that you have incurred during the final term.

Standard termly charges, collected on behalf of the JCR / MCR

These miscellaneous payments are listed below (UG is undergraduate, PG is postgraduate). They are charged to your battels at the beginning of term unless you choose to opt out by contacting the Accounts Department. You can find further information about some of the charges below in a guide on the JCR website.

ChargeTermly amountStudent typeOptional
St Edmund Hall Association£8.00UG, PGNo
MCR Membership Fee£13.50PGNo
JCR Membership Fee£10.00UGYes
JCR Coffee£5.00UGNo
Picture Fund£1.00UG, PGYes
JCR Charity Fund£5.00UGYes
MCR Charity Fund£5.00PGYes
Women’s Fund£4.00UGYes
Men’s Fund£4.00UGYes
Reach Oxford Scholarship Fund£6.00UG, PGYes
MCR 50th Anniversary Grant£5.00PGYes
MCR Oxford Students Refugee Campaign£4.00PGYes

Continuation Charges

Any postgraduate continuing to work for a research degree beyond the end of the period of fee liability and who remains enrolled as a postgraduate research student, shall pay continuation charges for each subsequent term up to and including the term in which the thesis is submitted. A postgraduate whose thesis is referred back shall pay no further University composition fee, college fee or continuation charges but shall pay a re-submission fee. Please refer to the Grey Book and the University website for further information about current continuation charges.

Whether or not your division / department chooses to charge the University continuation charge, please note that the College continuation fee will be charged. The College charge in 2017/18 is £114 per term.

Payment options

You can pay your battels in several different ways:

Online via our secure payment website

Pay online via our secure payment website.

Your login name is the seven-digit number above the barcode on your University Card. If you are a first time user, you will be asked to create and confirm a password (maximum of 13 characters).

Click Pay Battels to pay your bill. You can also top up your cash accounts for your meals by using the options in the Top-up Card tab. If you've forgotten your password, please email (from your Nexus account, not your personal e-mail address).

Account Name: St Edmund Hall Battels Account

Account Number: 08433526

Bank Name: NatWest Bank

Address: 32 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3ES

Sort Code: 60-70-03


Swift Code: NWBKGB2104C

IBAN: GB45 NWBK 60700308 4335 26

Please make sure that the remittance shows the full name of the student that the payment refers to. Make your payment in £ sterling and ensure it covers all bank charges.

By cheque

Please make your cheque payable to St Edmund Hall Battels Account and send it to:

The Assistant Accountant (Fees), St Edmund Hall, Queen’s Lane, Oxford, OX1 4AR.

Payment by China Union pay card

Please note that all payments using a China Union pay card (both debit and credit cards) incur an additional charge of 2.25% (which is deducted from the amount that the College receives). You will therefore be billed for this additional charge at a later date on your College battels.

International Bank Transfer

PaytoStudy - click here to pay

We have partnered with foreign exchange company PaytoStudy to allow international students to make payments by sending us secure bank transfers in their own local currency. Please note that the exchange rate should be very competitive, but we strongly recommend you compare the rate quoted with other providers.

PaytoStudy Application Process

1. Complete and submit the registration form. Please note that your Member Number can be found on your battels statement, and is the first 7-digit number given in the ‘Member’ column.
2. PaytoStudy will provide you with an instant quotation for your payment in your local currency. This quotation is guaranteed for 48 hours only.
3. Once you agree to the offer, you should then instruct your bank to transfer funds in your local currency to PaytoStudy. This bank instruction can be done electronically, while you are on the PaytoStudy site. You will also (when choosing to pay via wire transfer) need to mail or upload on the system under student login: a copy of your passport, your invoice letter from PaytoStudy and a copy of the payment receipt.
4. PaytoStudy will then forward a payment in UK Sterling to us and send you a receipt as proof of payment