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Some students face unexpected financial difficulty during their studies. The hardship support offered by the College and University helps to ensure that no St Edmund Hall student has to withdraw from their course for financial reasons. 

College Hardship Fund

The College Hardship Fund is administered by the College Hardship Committee, which comprises the Principal, Senior Bursar, Domestic Bursar and Tutor for Undergraduates or Graduates. Applications are received during the 1st week of each term and will be reviewed during 2nd week, in order that students may then also apply for University hardship funds within the University’s own mid-term deadline. Application forms may be obtained from the Senior Bursar's PA or from the Hardship folder on the College WebLearn site

Access to Learning Fund (ALF) and University Hardship Fund (UHF)

The Access to Learning Fund is based on national guidelines and assists undergraduate and postgraduate students with a ‘Home’ fee status who experience financial difficulty while on-course. Applications are assessed against expected income and essential expenditure for the current academic year. Essential expenditure is based upon national recommendations, to ensure that students are treated equally regardless of lifestyle. Awards are currently a maximum of £2,500. Applications to ALF for 2016/17 will be accepted between Monday 3 October 2016 and Friday 23 June 2017.

The University Hardship Fund is provided by the University to help any student who experiences unexpected financial hardship. You must demonstrate that something that you did not and could not foresee has occurred which has meant that your original budget, as per your financial guarantee, is no longer valid. You must also demonstrate that you have insufficient funds to cope with the unexpected change. A committee makes decisions termly and allocates grants, or loans, or a combination of both. The maximum award is £5,000. Awards of this level will usually be a combination of a grant and a loan. Applications to UHF will be considered at the committee meetings and so should be submitted by the relevant date in each term (please see the guidance notes for further details). In emergencies, it is possible for the Chair to consider applications between meetings. 

Guidance notes and an application form may be found in the Hardship folder on the College WebLearn site. Strict confidentiality is maintained in all cases.

There is further information in the Hardship section of the University website.

Funding for student-parents

Full-time UK undergraduates and PGCE students with dependent children may be eligible for financial assistance - see the University website for further details.

Oxford Bursaries – change to entitlement

The University has generous non-repayable bursaries and tuition fee reductions for full-time Home (UK) and EU students with qualifying household incomes. You must be studying for your first undergraduate degree, Graduate Entry Medicine or for a PGCE.

UK Students

Eligibility for Oxford Bursaries is usually determined by the income assessment provided to the University by Student Finance, based on income from the two years prior to the current year. However, if your household income has dropped by 15% or more, you can ask for income details for the current tax year to be assessed instead. Further details and the relevant forms can be found on the gov.uk website.

If an income assessment is adjusted during the year, the University will be notified by Student Finance and will reassess the student’s bursary entitlement. This can be done until the bursary deadline of 30 May 2017. If the student is also entitled to a tuition fee reduction, this can be considered until the deadline of 20 December 2016.

EU Students

EU students are financially assessed once at the start of their course, and the household income assessment remains in place for the duration of the course. If you need to make adjustments to your Student Finance assessment, you should first contact the Oxford Bursaries team on oxfordopportunity@admin.ox.ac.uk as they will need to give Student Finance authorisation to process a new income assessment. The Student Finance Services non-UK team can be contacted on 0141 243 3570 for further guidance.