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Junior and Middle Common Rooms

Our thriving Hall boasts one of the strongest and most active student bodies in Oxford, with a multitude of activities organised by both the Junior Common Room (JCR) and Middle Common Room (MCR). There's also a wide range of clubs and societies to suit just about every interest.


All undergraduate students at Teddy Hall make up the Junior Common Room (JCR). Confusingly, the JCR is also a physical room, which offers a large screen HDTV, games machines, tea, coffee and newspapers all day. It's the meeting point for watching big sports matches, the venue for the three meetings a term where the distribution of JCR money is decided, and decisions made about addressing the issues that concern students.

The JCR organises several events throughout the year, from memorable bops, teas, games nights and sports days where the members strive to conquer arch-rivals Queen's College. It also acts as a college student union, with representatives attending regular meetings with College officers and making sure that Teddy Hall does the best it can for current and future studies. For more detailed information and to find out about the committee members, take a look at the JCR's own website.


The Teddy Hall Middle Common Room (MCR) is a shared social space for all the graduate students. Teddy Hall's MCR is located on the front quad of the college, containing a bar, lounge and computer room for the use of all graduates. The MCR has a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere, and offers a range of activities and services, from the daily tea/coffee and newspapers served by the very capable butler, Julie McCann, to the special events, such as social events, brunches, high teas and the Hearne dinner in appreciation of our supervisors.

The MCR also refers to the graduate community within Teddy Hall as a whole. This large community, known for being very active within the College, is made up of students from many different disciplines from all over the world. All members are involved in a wide range of sports and societies. You can contact the MCR through their committee members - they're listed on the MCR website.

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