Rugby Cuppers Final 2014
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Officers and New Clubs


Whenever a club changes officers, the new officers will need to fill out two forms and return them to the Senior Treasurer via the Lodge:

1. a Registration/Change of Officers Form: up to three officers of the club may be designated to claim funds on behalf of the club. Changes of officer may be authorised by previously designated officers, or the current President, Treasurer, or Arts/Culture/Sports Representative (if appropriate) of the relevant Common Room. If a club spans both Common Rooms, authorisation can be made by the officers of either.

2. a Safety Declaration Form (sports clubs): the captain or president is responsible for making sure team members are aware of risks and safety issues.

In general, funds will not be disbursed without a safety form, nor to persons other than registered officers.

New Clubs

A new club may apply to be registered for the purpose of claiming funds by filling out the Registration/Change of Officers Form and returning it to the Senior Treasurer via the Lodge. Up to three officers of the new club may be designated to claim funds on behalf of the club.

The Senior Treasurer will normally consult with relevant JCR or MCR officers when considering an application. For this purpose, it is helpful for the 'Authorisation' section to be completed and signed by a Common Room President, Treasurer or, where applicable, Sports or Arts/Culture Representative.