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Each postgraduate is assigned a supervisor (not necessarily a member of this College) with whom they will work. The supervisor will submit termly reports via the Graduate Supervision System (GSS). Students will also be able to submit a self-assessment report on their graduate studies progress each term. The Director of Graduate Studies will also be able to read student and supervisor comments and add any of their own. GSS reports will be accessible to colleges and College Advisers. Unsatisfactory work will usually be dealt with in the first instance by the University committee for graduate studies in your particular subject.

Tutors teaching BCL and MJuris students currently report on OxCORT, rather than GSS. 

College advisers for postgraduates

Each postgraduate is assigned a College Adviser from among the Fellows within College, who will be available for advice, and who will be interested in your academic progress and welfare. Further information about the College Adviser and Advisee roles can be found in the College’s Grey Book on WebLearn.

Graduate Studies Forms

Graduate Studies Office forms (GSOs) are administered by the appropriate Graduate Studies Office for your course, and may be found on the Oxford Student Gateway.

Most GSOs require the approval of the College Tutor for Graduates, which is administered through the College Office. Forms should be sent via the College Office pigeon hole, or to  Please be aware that it can take up to a week for your form to be signed, and make sure to submit it in plenty of time.

Note also that the sections of the GSO forms are designed to be sequential. For example, if Section 2 is to be completed by your supervisor and Section 3 by the Tutor for Graduates, you should approach your supervisor first.  The Tutor for Graduates will not sign off forms that have not been correctly completed.