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Replacement University Card

Please complete the form below in order to request a replacement University card.

If your card is broken, defective, or expired the replacement card is free of charge.  You will be required to bring your existing card when collecting the new one, to exchange them.

If your card has been stolen the replacement is free of charge if you provide a Police Crime Number.  Please enter this in the box in the form below.

If your card has been lost, or stolen and not reported to the Police, there is a charge of £10 for a replacement card.  In this case once you have completed the form please visit Oxford University Stores (opens in new window) in order to make payment.  Please note that if you subsequently find your card we are unable to refund the £10, or reinstate the old Card Number.

Once the card has been ordered, and you have made payment if necessary, the new card should reach us within 48 hours.  We will contact you by email or your pigeon hole to notify you that it has arrived, and you must then come into the College Office to collect the new card.

Your new card will automatically work in the University and College Libraries, and for buying meals in St Edmund Hall.  However, if you use your card for swipe access to your department you may need to contact the administrator there to update their systems.