St Edmund Hall's Front Quad looking towards the tower of St-Peter-in-the-East
Students in the College's churchyard
Inside the College Library, a converted medieval church
Graduation Day
A Medicine tutorial
Front Quad, looking over the well
Inside the JCR, our undergraduate common room
A History tutorial
College garden behind St Peter's-in-the-East
A student room in the College's William R Miller Building
A student reading in the churchyard

Upcoming Events

Doctorow Hall
5:00 pm
Principal's Dining Room
1:45 pm
Old Dining Hall
8:00 pm

Welcome to St Edmund Hall...

...where your academic development will be fostered by our highest expectations for your studies, our support for your welfare, and our encouragement of your creativity.

Modern and progressive in its outlook, St Edmund Hall furthers scholarship in a range of Arts and Sciences subjects. We offer a matchless chance to live in the heart of Oxford, to be taught by tutors of recognised distinction in their fields and to enjoy being part of an energetic and varied community.

St Edmund Hall is a college of Oxford University, although it retains its distinctive ancient title of 'Hall', dating back to the thirteenth century before most other colleges had been founded.


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Latest News

Emily Pritchett, a 3rd year Biochemist, was a member of Oxford’s first team to participate in the iGEM competition
The College’s Centre for the Creative Brain held its inaugural symposium last Saturday
The winning entry will be sung or read at Carols in the Quad (and there’s also a bottle of champagne at stake!)

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