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Achievements Formal

Thursday, 23 June 2016

A new College tradition was launched last Friday as an initiative from the Principal who hosted a special Achievements Formal dinner to celebrate a diverse range of student excellence in extra-curricular activities. All current students were given the opportunity to nominate peers who they considered worthy of recognition for their non-academic achievements. 47 students, a mixture of undergraduates and postgraduates, were then selected from the nominees and invited to attend the first Achievements Formal along with other students.

Principal Keith Gull welcomed attendees with a short speech. “While academic success is paramount,” he said, “extra-curricular pursuits are hugely valuable and enriching. Interests pursued now by students at Teddy Hall alongside their studies make an excellent contribution to the community of the Hall, Oxford and, often within the UK. Such achievements help to shape a student’s future and have a life-long impact, as many of our very successful alumni have demonstrated.”

Students recognised for their extra-curricular successes at the Achievements Formal
Some of the students who were recognised for their extra-curricular successes at the Achievements Formal

The achievements celebrated this year ranged from charity work to music and sport. Several students were recognised for their contributions (including musical composition, script-writing and set building) to the first-ever original Teddy Hall musical, Bemused!, which was written and performed entirely by current students earlier this term. Beatrice Tyrrell (2014, DPhil in Immunology) meanwhile was recognised for establishing Oxford Hands-on Science, a new student-run society aiming to share enthusiasm for science with children and their families by taking hands-on experiments into schools and public venues.

There were also a wide range of sporting accomplishments – including rowing, yachting, cheerleading, hockey, motorsport, women’s rugby and ice hockey, with many individuals having represented the University and won Blues. Individual performances included David Robinson (2012, DPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry) who was selected for the England pistol shooting team, whilst George McKirdy (2015, MSc in Higher Education) rowed in the Oxford Boat Race.

Many of these students have benefited from the College’s unique Masterclass funding scheme, which allows each student to apply for up to £1000 per year to pay for advanced coaching in their area of extra-curricular interest. Masterclass Awards are supported by donations from alumni.

The dinner was a fitting way to mark the end of another academic year, which very effectively highlighted the diversity of talent within the Hall’s student community. You can view more photos from the dinner on Flickr.