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Principal travels to San Francisco to meet with Aularians

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

On a beautiful Spring evening 25 guests joined Principal Keith Gull at Bistro Boudin to catch-up with old friends, make new friends and discuss Teddy Hall today.

The relaxed evening of conversation was enhanced by stunning views of Alcatraz and the setting West Coast sun.

Guests ranged in matriculation from 1967 to 2011 with the group enjoying a wide range of careers from Silicon Valley to leading education projects to increase school children’s reading.

Conversation covered a wide range of topics and in particular guests discussed the importance of diversity in the Hall and praised the 3,000 Women project.

Guests recognised the efforts of Keith and Dianne Gull to build alumni relations across America – where almost 10% of the Hall’s alumni are based – and specifically for their visits to the West Coast.

If you would be willing to organise an informal gathering of Aularians in your City please do contact kate.townsend@seh.ox.ac.uk. The Hall is able to issue invitations and seek volunteers to find a suitable venue and offer a warm welcome on the evening.