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Professor Nigel Palmer awarded honorary doctorate of the University of Berne

Friday, 28 June 2013

Congratulations to the Hall’s Emeritus Fellow Professor Nigel Palmer, who has just been given the accolade of an honorary doctorate by the University of Berne in Switzerland, in recognition of his research on medieval literature in the south-west of the German-speaking lands.

Unusually, Nigel is being awarded a ‘double doctorate’, presented jointly to himself and the Harvard art historian Professor Jeffrey F. Hamburger for their collaborative work, which includes a publication on texts and book illumination in the civic library in Berne.

The ceremony will take place on the 'dies academicus' in December, in the 'cultural casino' in Berne (a concert hall rather than a gambling establishment!).

Nigel said, “As you can imagine, I am delighted, as it marks a very special and long-standing connection with the Swiss academic world and also the productive collaboration with one of the best colleagues from another discipline that I could ever imagine working with, and over a period of many years.”