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Ukrainian scholar hosted by College as part of Bohdan Solchanyk Travel Grant

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

KG, Daryna Dvornichenko, Ilona Mostipan.JPG

The Principal, Keith Gull, and Sub-Dean Ilona Mostipan with Daryna on her visit to Oxford, at St Edmund Hall
The Principal and Sub-Dean Ilona Mostipan (a Ukrainian national, and holder of the OXCEP Graduate Scholarship) with Daryna (centre) on her visit to Oxford

Last week, St Edmund Hall had the pleasure of hosting Dr Daryna Dvornichenko in College accommodation as part of her Bohdan Solchanyk Travel Grant.

The Bohdan Solchanyk Travel Grant comes as a result of a tripartite agreement between the Ukrainian civil organisation ‘Heavenly Hundred Heroes’ Commemorative Prize Association, St Edmund Hall, and the Cambridge Alumni & Oxford Alumni Association (Ukraine). St Edmund Hall’s commitment is to provide food and accommodation to grant-holders coming to Oxford to further their research. Daryna was the first holder of such a Travel Grant to spend time in Oxford.

Dr Dvornichenko is Associate Professor in the Department of International Law & International Relations at the Ukrainian National University, Odessa Law Academy, and was in Oxford to attend the 7th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies held at St Anne’s College. She gave a presentation on Continuity and Transformation of the EU Policy towards The Kurdish Issue in Turkey and Iraq.

A second Bohdan Solchanyk Travel Grant holder, Oksana Kohut – also at the National University of Ukraine, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy – will stay in College next month whilst she attends the Oxford Education Research Symposium at St Hugh’s College, at which she will present her paper titled Reform of legal education in Ukraine.