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Journalists and Broadcasters

In a University famed for its long tradition of outstanding journalists, Teddy Hall has a notable reputation in the field.

There are plenty of opportunities for student journalism at the University, and at Teddy Hall we offer unique writing awards and events. The College’s Rebecca West prize and Philip Geddes prize for outstanding journalism are open to competitors from the whole University, and have been won by a number of distinguished undergraduates over the years, including Samira Ahmed and Emma Brockes, both of whom read English here. The Philip Geddes Lecture, given annually by an internationally acclaimed journalist, is an important event in the College’s calendar and attracts large and enthusiastic audiences.

English Literature and Careers in Journalism

Undergraduates reading English at Oxford write one or two essays a week, developing many of the key skills that are appropriate to a career in journalism: how to research independently and effectively; how to analyse and make critical interventions; how to write stylishly within word-limits; how to meet tight deadlines.

Hall Journalists include the following:

Jeremy Paxman's advice for aspiring journalists:

"You only need two things to be a journalist - an innate curiosity and a love of words. It helps if you're an awkward bugger, I suppose, but really, those two are all that's necessary."