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Heather Stone

Heather Stone (2004) graduated with a First from the Hall and went on to achieve a Distinction in her MSt in nineteenth century Literature at Oxford.

She is currently completing a DPhil entitled 'Romantic-era writers and their readers: the construction of readerships and imagined audiences in manuscript and print, 1770-1830'. The thesis examines the writings of Barbauld, Coleridge, Lamb, Hunt and Keats, among others.

At a paper delivered at the NASSR conference in 2012, Heather explored the construction of Keats as "camelion poet" in reviews and in his letters. She also gave papers at the International Wordsworth Summer Conference (on Lamb and Hazlitt in the London Magazine), and at the Coleridge Summer Conference (on Lamb's letters and essays and his dialogue with Coleridge).

Heather has two papers forthcoming: one is to be published in The Wordsworth Circle, 'William Hazlitt and Charles Lamb in dialogue in the London Magazine in 1821', and another -- on Charles Lamb's letter-readers and the Essays of Elia -- will appear in the Charles Lamb Bulletin