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Film Studies

A variety of major- and minor-course options are available, covering both European and Anglo-American cinema. Visiting students may opt to study French films in the original, or in translation. The course will be available during Hilary and Trinity terms.

Major, eight-tutorial film options include:

  • European cinema
  • German film (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari; Metropolis; Head-On; Good Bye Lenin; The Lives of Others)
  • Theory and film

Minor, four-tutorial film options include:

  • Introduction to French cinema
  • Child Figures in European Cinema (Pan’s Labyrinth; Rome, Open City; The White Ribbon; Forbidden Games)
  • Postmodern cinema
  • Jean-Luc Godard
  • Rainer Werner Fassbinder (in translation)

Other cinema options may be offered. A complete list will be available in Michaelmas Term. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to consider requests for courses not on the list.