Students walking through St Edmund Hall's Front Quad
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How do I apply?

St Edmund Hall welcomes applicants from all backgrounds. We select students purely on the basis of academic ability and potential. Like all Oxford colleges, we have high but achievable standards and we have no entry requirements beyond those in the University prospectus.

We accept applications for deferred entry in any of the degrees we offer. We're happy to consider UK candidates offering qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate and Scottish Advanced Highers. We also consider EU and overseas candidates with a wide range of international qualifications.

Please contact our Admissions Officer if you have any queries.

The application process 

You can apply to study with us through UCAS. The application deadline is always 15 October for entry the next academic year. Deadlines are strict and you need to familiarise yourself with the University’s application timetable as soon as possible. Some subjects have specific entrance requirements, such as written tests, so make sure you have researched the entry criteria for your chosen degree.

Applicants to the University of Oxford can either apply to a particular college (by selecting the appropriate campus code on their UCAS form) or make an open application which will then be allocated to a college. All applications are considered by more than one college to ensure the best candidates are admitted across the University. We hope you will select St Edmund Hall as your college of preference, and our Campus Code on the UCAS application form is "M".

A couple of weeks after the UCAS deadline you will receive an email from the College confirming that we have received your application, and giving further details of the selection process. Our tutors will then make a decision on whether to shortlist you for interview, based on your UCAS application together with any submitted written work and your scores in admissions tests where applicable.

Shortlisted applicants will have an interview in December. See the dates for the current year here. The dates for interviews are set by subject, and cannot be varied for individual candidates. We will give as much notice as possible of shortlisting decisions, but in some cases we may not have final decisions until a week before the interview dates. Candidates in Europe will be expected to come to Oxford for interview. We offer Skype or telephone interviews to applicants outside Europe. Expect your interview to stretch you but remember that nobody is trying to catch you out. Our tutors want you to prove your potential.

You can find the College's Policy on Misrepresentation here.

The shortlisting and offer process

More details about our shortlisting and offer process can be found here.