Statue of St Edmund in the graveyard outside the library
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Aularians (alumni of St Edmund Hall) who would like to visit the Library briefly or show the Library to friends and family as part of a visit to College should contact the Librarian, preferably in advance of their visit. If you find yourself at the Lodge, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note the Library is very busy in term time, and we hope you will understand why we would rather not disturb students during this time.

Old Members who are staying in College and would like to access the Library or the Aularian Room during this time are welcome to apply to the Librarian. Those living in Oxford and wanting ongoing access to the Library should apply in writing to the Librarian. The Library does not have  the space to give regular access to all those who are not current members, but admissions during quieter times are certainly possible. Borrowing privileges are restricted to current members who have valid University cards.

Donations to the Aularian Collection

The College is particularly proud of its collection of publications by Old Members and we are always keen to receive new books. Our collection policy for the Aularian Bookshelf is flexible but since space is at a premium the emphasis is on books authored and edited by Aularians. We cannot give space to journal articles, leaflets, or other similar booklets not directly related to St Edmund Hall or to other non-monographic items more suitable for donation to the College Archive than the Library. We are not able to accommodate duplicates either.

Notwithstanding these restrictions, with the new Aularian room directly above the narthex we are now in a really good position to display the scholarly and literary output of Old Members in an appropriate manner. We are very grateful for the support and donations the Library receives from Old Members, and the fond memories it continues to inspire.