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Claiming Expenses from Amalgamated Clubs

Expenses can be reimbursed, or requests made for invoices to be paid directly from Club accounts, using the Expenses and Invoice Claim Form.

This should be returned to the Senior Treasurer via the Lodge.

  • Claims can be made only by designated club officers.
  • Original receipts and invoices are required.  If the documentation is in an e-mail, print out the e-mail.
  • Make sure you specify whether reimbursement or invoice payment is required. Ambiguous requests will be returned.
  • Payments will be made by bank transfer. You may need to request bank details from suppliers in order to fill in the form.
  • The expense form is required. E-mailed requests for reimbursement or invoice payment will be referred back to this page.

Additional notes on eligible expenses and claims:

  • Club funds will not normally be used to pay for food or drink. It is a custom, however, for reasonable expenses of one long-distance 'away' match to be borne each term for each major club by the fund. Payments for reasonable hospitality offered in return to visiting teams from a distance once a term will also be made from the fund. Similar subsidies are allowed to other clubs for an occasional long-distance 'away' match and an occasional home fixture.
  • Sums of money may be provided by the Senior Treasurer for a particular approved purpose, production, or event. Such sums are to be spent only on the express purposes for which they are given, and in so far as they or these proceeds are not expended on those purposes they remain the property of the Amalgamated Clubs and should be returned to the Senior Treasurer. Detailed accounts of expenditure will be asked for. It is also a general rule that any junior member holding Club monies which are surplus to approved requirements should return them to the Senior Treasurer. The Senior Treasurer may make personally liable anyone who expends Club funds on purposes which he has not authorised.
  • Before making orders for large items, clubs should ask advice of the Senior Treasurer. Clubs should subsequently deal directly with suppliers, and the Senior Treasurer will then make payments against supplier invoices.

Funding for activities outside the ambit of the Amalgamated Clubs rules may be available directly from the JCR or MCR.