St Edmund Hall Research Expo and crest
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St Edmund Hall Research Expo 2015

The inaugural St Edmund Hall Research Expo took place on the afternoon of Saturday 28 February 2015. It was a celebration of the great diversity of research currently being undertaken at the College, and was an opportunity for members of the three common rooms and staff to interact and find out more and engage with colleagues across all disciplines.

Keynote Speaker

An illustration from the Ellesmere Manuscript, thought to depict Geoffrey Chaucer

Terry Jones (Honorary Fellow and alumnus of St Edmund Hall; screenwriter, actor, film director and author) spoke about his research on the Ellesmere Manuscript, a famous fifteenth-century illuminated manuscript of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. He discussed his findings after studying the manuscript under the microscope and made the claim that it has been censored: "the pilgrims have been tampered with!"

The Talks

Podcasts of the Expo talks are available online, on our YouTube channel and the University's podcasting site. In six interdisciplinary sessions, St Edmund Hall academics and postgraduate students were challenged to explain an area of their research to a non-specialist audience, in just twelve minutes!

Find out more about the speakers and their topics here.

The Lab, the Salon and the Studio

Three themed spaces (in the Doctorow Hall, Old Dining Hall and Pontigny Room) were also a big, and popular, part of the Expo - with interactive displays and experiments, exhibitions and the opportunity for one-to-one discussions with academics and students from across all disciplines.

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