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Political Economy of China

General information about the course

This course is specially designed for Visiting Students at St Edmund Hall. It may be taken as either a Primary or a Secondary option, either in Michaelmas or in Trinity Term.

The exact content of your course will be decided in consultation with your tutor at St Edmund Hall, and depends on whether you are taking this as a Primary or Secondary option.

Course Description

This course provides an examination of political economy and governance in contemporary China, two closely related topics that have drawn extensive interests in policy and business circles. More specifically, it seeks to analyse how the Chinese state has reformed organisationally and institutionally to adapt the rapidly growing economy, what challenges the state currently faces in governance and regulation, and how political interests shape Chinese officials and other state actors’ domestic and overseas economic behaviours, in Africa for example.

It also discusses major governance issues including the provision of public goods, media management, corruption, and the environment, with a focus on the political logic behind the government’s responses to these issues.