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Postgraduate Scholarships and Prizes

Currently available College prizes and awards are advertised on WebLearn (n.b. access is restricted to current students, using your Oxford Single-Sign-On password).

Graduate Writing-up Grants

Four bursaries of £1000 each are available to postgraduate students to provide financial support during the final write-up of their thesis. Applications are open to St Edmund Hall students who do not hold other scholarships or awards worth more than £15,000 per annum, and who are at the final stage of writing up. The bursary is usually advertised on WebLearn in Hilary Term.

Mrs Brown Bursary

This bursary was set up in memory of Mrs Brown, who was the Middle Common Room (MCR) Butler for over 25 years. Three awards of £500 are available for MCR members who face financial difficulties which will make it hard to complete their course of study. The bursary is usually advertised on WebLearn in Hilary Term.

St Edmund Hall Masterclass

The Masterclass Fund is open to all SEH students and supports individuals who have already reached a high level of achievement in an extra-curricular activity and are now seeking funding for additional coaching to develop and hone their skills. This may include, but is not exclusive to, the areas of writing, drama, music, art and sport. Individual students are eligible for up to £1,000 support in any one academic year.

Further detailsThe fund will only pay for advanced coaching and will not fund equipment, travel or accommodation costs. Successful applicants should demonstrate that they have already attained a high level of achievement in their field, and will show how they wish to receive this coaching to further this talent, in a clear and structured plan.

NEW - Frank di Rienzo Masterclass Award in Drama and Theatre

Thanks to a generous bequest to honour the memory of Frank di Rienzo (1959, English), a dedicated member of the John Oldham Society and passionate supporter of drama and the arts, an additional Masterclass Award of £1,000 is available for students applying for coaching in drama and theatre.

Applications can be made in any term. Applicants should read the guidelines and complete the online application form by the Monday of 5th week. Please email aularianconnect@seh.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Please note that this fund is only for individuals and all College groups need to apply for funding from Amalgamated Clubs.

Travel Awards

Michael Pike Award - this £500 award will be given to a student who proposes to engage in some outdoor activity for which a spirit of enterprise and physical endeavour are required. The award is contributed by old members in memory of Michael Pike (1948).

Graham Hamilton Travel Award - two awards of £1000 each for students who need financial assistance to undertake a holiday in the UK or abroad abroad which calls for some measure of initiative, enterprise or endurance.

Matt Greenwood Travel Scholarships - these scholarships were established in 2017 by the students, staff, alumni and friends of the Hall in memory of Matt Greenwood (Engineering, 2013), who loved to travel and sadly passed away while a student at Teddy Hall. A prize of up to £1000 per year will be awarded for travel in the UK or anywhere in the world for good purposes, with a particular emphasis on projects which embody Matt’s gifts of courage, adventure and concern for others. The prize is advertised in Hilary Term.

(Application forms are usually made available on WebLearn in Hilary Term.)

The Aularian Prize

The St Edmund Hall Association has established this annual prize of £300 for undertaking an exceptional enterprise or voluntary commitment in an activity which falls outside of established College or University pursuits. All current students, including visiting students, are eligible to apply for this award. The application form must be emailed to development.office@seh.ox.ac.uk by the end of fifth week of Trinity Term.

Bursaries for Clinical Medics

Equipment Grant - to fund the purchase of a stethoscope (£175) by 4th-year Medics.

Accommodation Bursary - to fund the cost of accommodation left vacant during the elective period (£1000) for 6th-year Medics.

Elective Grant - to fund transport costs during the elective period (£500) for 6th-year Medics.

These three funds are automatically disbursed to eligible students.

Tony Doyle Graduate Science Prize

This prize was established by Tony Doyle (1959, Chemistry). It provides an award of up to £700 for a research student (DPhil or MSc by research) in the Sciences to engage in an academic-related activity additional to those funded by external or departmental funding. Activities may include travel to conferences, collaborative work at other universities, fieldwork and study projects, etc. The prize is usually advertised in Hilary Term.

Student Challenge Fund Scholarships

Applicants must be current students at the College, and have applied for admission to study a postgraduate degree at St Edmund Hall in upcoming academic year. Eligible students will be contacted with details of how to apply in Trinity term. Preference will be given to undergraduates moving on to postgraduate study, but master’s students moving on to research degrees may also be considered. Individual awards are unlikely to exceed £500.

The Student Challenge Fund has been created from the generous contributions of St Edmund Hall JCR and MCR members, along with matched funding from the University of Oxford. The Scholarships are intended to encourage closer relations between the undergraduate and postgraduate communities in the College.

Other St Edmund Hall Postgraduate Scholarships

Current postgraduates can also apply for the William R. Miller awards, the Emden Doctorow award, the E.P.A. Cephalosporin Scholarship or a Pontigny Scholarship.