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St Edmund Hall Association (SEHA)

Every student who matriculates at the Hall is an Aularian, a member of Aula Sancti Edmundi, the Latin name of St Edmund Hall. The St Edmund Hall Association (SEHA) is the official body which represents all Aularians, past and present.

The purposes for which SEHA is established are to:

Foster friendship and a spirit of collegiality between Aularians as part of a lifelong connection with the Hall.  We do this in a variety of ways, most notably the annual London Dinner and the Summer Drinks. SEHA also has a strong presence at Gaudies, biennial Floreat Aula Legacy Society dinners and reunions organised by the Development & Alumni Relations Office. Groups such as the Friends of the Boat Club and Friends of the Rugby Club also arrange their own social gatherings and reunions.

Create and encourage professional and other social networks for the benefit of past and present students. This is achieved through our input into Aularian groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, the annual Careers Day at the Hall and helping to develop relations with overseas representatives and Year Group Leaders.

Maintain good and close relations with the Hall so that support for each other’s initiatives is provided.  In addition to maintaining good relations with the Principal, Governing Body and Development & Alumni Relations Office, we keep our eyes and ears open to JCR and MCR members’ concerns so that we can try to help.

Collect and disseminate news of Aularians and SEHA activities. We subsidise the cost of printing and distributing the annual Hall Magazine and contribute editorial content to The Aularian newsletter.

Promote awareness of the Hall by communicating and supporting the Hall’s traditions and current activities and by commemorating the achievements of the Hall and its past and present members.  As examples, we commissioned the statue of St Edmund in the garden of St Peter-in-the-East, supported a pilgrimage to Pontigny for the 750th anniversary of St Edmund’s canonisation and have helped with publications by Aularians.

We are always keen for Aularians to make the best possible use of SEHA and its alumni and to contribute towards its development.  A small Executive Committee manages our affairs and any Aularian may stand for election. Life membership of the St Edmund Hall Association is purchased at the rate of £7 per term on battels for nine consecutive terms.

For further information about SEHA, please contact Mr David Waring (1987, Geography), SEHA President, by email via