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Chapel people

Will Donaldson: will.donaldson@seh.ox.ac.uk

Chapel Fellow
Jeff Tseng: 

Director of Music
Chirstopher Bucknall: director.music@seh.ox.ac.uk

Senior Organ Scholar
Viraj Alimchandani: organ.scholar@seh.ox.ac.uk

Junior Organ Scholar
Hagen Papenburg: organ.scholar@seh.ox.ac.uk

Chapel Clerk
Jenna Elliott: jenna.elliott@seh.ox.ac.uk

Chapel Music Librarian
Jack Spence: jack.spence@seh.ox.ac.uk

Social Secretary
Alice Tithecott: alice.tithecott@seh.ox.ac.uk

For information about Christian Union, Roman Catholic Campus ministry, and information for other faith groups, please contact the chaplain.