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Fiction Writers

Writers gain their inspiration from many different sources, but the best advice for anyone wanting to enter the profession is to read and re-read the classics. English and Modern Languages degrees at Oxford both provide a wonderful opportunity to study the novel, both historically and in depth.

For those wanting more practical guidance and support, the Hall's Wednesday Workshops offer a lively forum for experimentation and feedback.

The authors listed below learnt much about their craft by reading and studying the novel as undergraduates at the Hall.

The Undergraduate English Course and the Novel

First year English undergraduates can immerse themselves in nineteenth- and twentieth-century novels, learning about the tools of the trade through close analysis. In their second year, they can study the romance form as it progressed through the medieval and renaissance periods, observing its evolution during the eighteenth century. They can then specialise in any aspect of  the novel during their final year. 

Hall Fiction Writers include the following: