Working in the Library
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Working in the Library

How to borrow

You will need your University card to borrow from the Library as it operates a self-issue automated loan system. To borrow a book, scan it at the self-issue machine on your way out.

You may borrow up to 20 books, each of which may be renewed up to five times unless it has been reserved by another reader. Books can be borrowed until the end of each term or for the vacation. All books must be returned or renewed by Thursday of 8th Week (during term) or by Thursday of 1st Week (after the vacation). You will receive an automatic email reminder when your books are due for return or renewal. Fines may be levied on overdue books.

Books from the Reference section and any other books marked 'Confined' must not be taken out of the Library.

Returning books

Please return books as soon as you have finished with them by placing them in the book drop at the issue desk.

Requesting books

We encourage you to recommend books for the Library. Proposals for purchase can be made by email to your Tutor and copied to the Librarian.

You can recall any book which has been on loan to another reader for at least one week. To recall a book, please fill in a recall form and leave it at the issue desk for library staff. You will receive an email when the book is available for you to borrow.

Please note

  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode in the Library. Please step outside the Library if you need to make or receive a call
  • No food is to be brought into the Library
  • No drink, except water in a sealed container, is to be brought into the Library

A £10 charge is imposed for the infringement of these rules.

Free spaces in the Library are always in demand. If you are going to be away for longer than two hours please clear your space. You are advised not to leave money or laptops unattended.

Please do not bring sports kit and other bulky items into the Library.

When you have finished working in the Library, take all your personal belongings with you. Desks will be cleared every morning, and any personal belongings left unattended will be removed.