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Opportunity to digitise your D.Phil

Thanks to the generosity and vision of Dr Leonard Polonsky, the Bodleian Libraries are able to offer to digitise a number of Oxford D.Phil. theses. This opportunity enables the Bodleian to add to the growing Oxford digital thesis collection, and should result in new citations to your work.

St Edmund Hall Artweek: 23-28 May 201

St Edmund Hall warmly invites you to exhibit your original art and craft work in the College’s annual Artweek exhibition from Monday 23 May until Saturday 28 May 2011. Original exhibits are welcomed from anyone who has any connection with the Hall and has any artistic/creative leanings. 

The 2011 Aularian Newsletter - Now Available

The 2011 edition of The Aularian, the St Edmund Hall newsletter, is now available to view by clicking here

Scottish fossils show new origins of life on land

SEH Tutorial Fellow Martin Brasier has discovered ancient Scottish fossils that show life on land began far earlier than previously thought.

Hall Fellow gains Royal Society recognition

It was announced on 20 May 2011 that David Manolopoulos, Tutor in Chemistry at the Hall, has been made a Fellow of the Royal Society, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Chemistry.

Aularian appointed as new Senior & Finance Bursar

Alumnus Simon Costa has been appointed as St Edmund Hall’s new Senior & Finance Bursar, following the retirement of Martin Slater.

Martin Slater has been a Fellow and Tutor in Economics since 1980. He was Investment Bursar from 1997 to 2000, and Finance Bursar from 2006 until this year. His expertise and careful stewardship in both roles have been invaluable in stabilising and growing the Hall’s finances. Martin will not be leaving the college altogether; he will continue to give Economics tutorials as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Economics.

Support the Hall in Summer Eights Week

On the 1st - 4th June this year SEH boats will take to the water aiming to stride up the Summer VIIIs table. The men are looking to build on a solid performance in Torpids, whilst the women are looking to once again regain their headship title. Eight months of training has led to these four days of racing. 

Hall student wins Research Bursary

Christopher Kelly, one of our 3rd year engineers, has been awarded a Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursary 2011.

He will work with Dr Martyn Boutelle in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College on a project titled "Development of microfluidic based auto-calibration systems for biosensors used for analysis of on-line clinical microdialysis streams in intensive care cases". This is part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) at Imperial.

Hall's sporting success

The last couple of months have seen tremendous success on the sports pitches around Oxford for the Teddy Hall, with an astonishing number of league and Cuppers victories in different sports. 

SEH artistic talent on display

St Edmund Hall Artweek 2011 once again showed the variety and depth of artistic talent in the college community, with 82 stunning exhibits by students, alumni, Fellows, staff, and friends of the Hall. The exhibition was opened with an Artweek Concert, organised by the JCR. During the week over 300 visitors viewed the exhibition, which is now a well established part of the annual Oxfordshire Artweeks.


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