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Christopher Mead Armitage

MA (MA Western Ontario; PhD Duke)

Christopher Mead Armitage earned a bachelor's degree with honours (1954) and a master's degree (1958) from Oxford University (St Edmund Hall). He joined the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill faculty in 1967, and specializes in seventeenth- and twentieth-century English and Canadian literature.

His lively style and personal interest in his students have earned him several awards for excellent teaching: UNC Board of Governors Award for career excellence in teaching in 2009, a Tanner Award for excellence in undergraduate instruction in 2003, his second Bowman and Gordon Gray chair (1986-1989, 2005-2010) for excellence in inspirational teaching of undergraduates, the first UNC Professor of Distinguished Teaching in 1995, and the Nicholas Salgo Award in 1981.

Armitage earned a second master's degree from the University of Western Ontario in Canada in 1964, and a doctorate from Duke University in 1967. Since 1970 he has returned annually to St Edmund Hall to conduct a six-week study program on "Shakespeare in Performance" for students and alumni.