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John Knight

MA (MA Camb)


John Knight conducts research on aspects of economic development, human resources, economic inequality, economic growth, and subjective well-being, mainly in China. He is Academic Director of the Oxford Chinese Economy Programme (OXCEP), which is closely associated with the Hall and which promotes the study of the Chinese economy in Oxford.


Over 100 journal articles and book chapters.

The Rural-Urban Divide: Economic Disparities and Interactions in China, OUP, 1999 (with Lina Song)

The Economic Decline of Zimbabwe: Neither Growth nor Equity, Palgrave, 2001 (with Carolyn Jenkins)

Towards a Labour Market in China, OUP, 2005 (with Lina Song)

China's Remarkable Economic Growth, OUP, 2012 (with Sai Ding)

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