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Justin Gosling

BPhil, MA
Philosophy (Visiting Students)


Justin Gosling was born in 1930, went to school at Ampleforth College, won an exhibition in Classics to Wadham College and got a first in Mods. and a first in Greats (1953).  He got a B.Phil in Philosophy in 1955 and was appointed to a Fereday Junior Research Fellowship at St John’s College (1955-1958).  He was Lecturer in Philosophy at Wadham and Pembroke Colleges 1958-1960, and then became Tutor in Philosophy at St Edmund Hall until he was appointed Principal in 1982.  

He had a Visiting Professorship at Macalester College in 1964, a Visiting Fellowship at the Research Institute of Social Studies, Canberra, 1970, and a Visiting Professorship at the University of Minnesota and Macalester College in 1986. 

He has been Secretary of the Governing Body and Senior Tutor, and was elected Senior Proctor for the Year 1977-1978.  He was Pro-Vice-Chancellor from 1989-1995, Chairman of the Conference of Colleges 1987-1989, and served on various University committees. 

In addition to a variety of articles, he has published “Pleasure and Desire", “Plato", “Plato: Philebus (Translation and Commentary)", “The Greeks on Pleasure"  (with C.C.W. Taylor), “Weakness of the Will" and “The Jackdaw in the Jacaranda" (a collection of poems). 

Main relaxations are gardening, drawing, writing poetry – has also been known to visit grandchildren.