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Paul Matthews

OBE, MA, DPhil, MD (Stanford), FRCPC, FRCP, FMedSci
Neurology/Clinical Medicine/Imaging (PET, MRI)/Neuroinflammation/Multiple Sclerosis/Dementia


Professor Matthews’ research interests address the neuropathology and treatment of multiple sclerosis, the role of neuroinflammatory mechanisms in neurodegeneration and in the application of “Big Data” approaches for personalized medicine. His work employs a wide range of ‘omics, epidemiological and imaging methods to address particularly the functional anatomical evolution of innate immune changes in the aging brain in neurodegenerative diseases.  Recent studies have focused on ways that these approaches could be used to better inform individualized estimates of disease risk and personalized medicine for multiple sclerosis and the dementias.

Representative Publications

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