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Peter Bruce

BSc, PhD (Aberd)
Materials Science

Professor Peter Bruce holds the Wolfson Chair in Materials. He is also the Director of the UK SUPERGEN Energy Storage Hub and Director of the Wolfson Centre for Energy Science in Oxford.

His primary research interests are in the fields of solid state chemistry and electrochemistry; particularly solid state ionics, which embraces ionically conducting solids and intercalation compounds. He is interested in the fundamental science of ionically conducting solids (ceramic and polymeric materials) and intercalation compounds, in the synthesis of new materials with new properties or combinations of properties, in understanding these properties and in exploring their applications in new devices, especially energy storage devices such as rechargeable lithium batteries. Although ionically conducting solids represent the starting point for much of his group’s research, they have extended their interests well beyond the confines of this subject alone.

Peter was awarded The Royal Society’s Hughes Medal in 2017, for his distinguished work elucidating the fundamental chemistry underpinning energy storage.