Experiments in the Lab at the inaugural Research Expo
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The Lab

Open 12:30 to 3pm, Doctorow Hall

Throw on your lab coat and join us in the Doctorow Hall, where you'll get to see and participate in a wide range of demonstrations, displays and experiments from a variety of scientific and medical fields.

Highlights will include:

  • Virology: cuddly viruses and vaccination game
  • Neuroscience: brain plasticity in action, and learn about healthy and diseased brains
  • Genetics: extract DNA from fruit and understand how genes spread in a population
  • Mathematics: have fun with head-scratching maths puzzle games
  • Neuroscience experiment in the Lab
    A neuroscience experiment in the Lab
    Parasitology: pathogens under the microscopes
  • Immunology: find out more about blood groups
  • Oncology: understand cancer immunotherapy treatment
  • Materials Science: a visual demonstration
  • Synthetic Biology: play with nanoparticles.

Find out more about the St Edmund Hall Research Expo.