The Old Dining Hall transformed into the Salon for the Research Expo
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The Salon

Visitors were invited to enter the Salon (more usually known as the Old Dining Hall…) to explore and take part in a diverse variety of research-related activities from the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Some of the highlights included:

  • How were manuscripts written and produced in the 15th century? St Edmund Hall’s medievalists Professor Henrike Lähnemann, Charlotte Cooper and Gareth Evans showcased the material side of medieval text production and gave visitors the opportunity to try their hand at some Gothic writing.
  • Book recommendations for your holiday reading
  • Advice on getting published
  • A game of 'Guess the Author'
  • Untranslatable words: to get you thinking in a foreign language
  • Consultions with our specialist Poetry Doctor, Professor Lucy Newlyn, to have a poem chosen just for you
  • A fifteenth-century poetic and historical puzzle
  • Traces in the Archives: Rob Petre, the Hall's Archivist, acted as guide through a small selection of items from college records relating to poetry, plays and prominent Aularians
  • Displays of research: from the Social Sciences, as well as Hall Humanities research from the Library’s Aularian collection.